„plan lekcji”, fot. piotr chlipalski


theatrical performance

Kantor’s The Dead Class comes alive with laughter of a lunatic and a variety of successive images/memories/school anecdotes both lightweight and sentimental but with a bitter taste.

Crazy lesson played without words as if continued beyond time imprisoning the students within.

Actors live separately in their Kantoresque benches/traps/areas of an ordinary activities and schoolboy antics. Absorbed with memories of well familiar lessons of biology, gymnastics they briefly run through the narrow bridges to the neighbouring benches in celebration of gesture and situation producing more stories to tell.

They plot, scheme and amuse to finally share a common sandwich. They go through dilemmas and failures, first love, madness, cruelty and trauma by means of their colleagues.

This trip into the past and in equal measure funny, nostalgic and sad.

Played in a stage box or outdoors.


„plan lekcji”, fot. piotr chlipalski