fot. piotr.chlipalski,

„Whispers of the Moon”

theatrical performance

A theatrical journey inspired by an old Spanish song „Hijo de la Luna”, a gypsy legend whispered around the campfires on so many occasions…

This time a story is told with wooden dolls from a small wooden box, on a little wooden stage in an ancient Mongolian yurt.

Multilingual tale with live music and just a pinch of surreal old magic, that doesn’t make it less true.

With all the basic questions come the answers we already have. Have we not? But yet… from time to time… we still long to be enchanted.

A trio of cultural nomads, from different countries, with different backgrounds, different sensibility. Not refugees, but still not rooted enough, still misfits.

Always wandering, making music, telling stories, craving… to be loved, to desire, to despair, to belong, to escape, to feel, to live.