„Just Art & Chill Out. Sweet Dreams”

interactive installation

SWEET DREAMS is an attempt to merge the urban reality with something, that seems to be completely opposite, at the same time being quite tempting – a private space of total freedom and relax. A bed.

This unique opportunity to calm your nerves, overwhelmed with the constant run of the city life and wake up your dormant sensitivity. It’s a lovely dissonance – your time insolently stolen from the utilitarianism of daily life.

Calmed by the sounds of wind and water or transported to your childhood memories by lovely fairy tales and fables. It’s an artistic trip to not so distant times, when the chosen ones could do anything, against convention, against dulness!

Cyclic installation of cosy canopy beds, each one offering it’s spectator a separate story in a pair of welcoming headphones.

sweet dreams, fot. piotr.chlipalski