„If you want to check whether what you see, what you participate in has any meaning, let it be judged by the absurd and let the absurd verify this.”

Edward Lear
„zmysły”, fot. piotr chlipalski

The Senses

a strolling lyrical cabaret

Tempting, flirting, enticing, raging, yelling, singing and amusing; in an enigmatic manner – winking and fluttering their eyelashes – they seduce the audience with a „Sensual” surrealistic lyrical cabaret.

The Singing Ears, the Nose with Snot and the Coral Lips machinery, the Hand juggling an elephant – they all represent a vibrant, absurd, living tissue of urban life. The absurdity of a situation goes hand in hand with the comically, being highlighted by the colorful form of all Senses – the Eyeballs doing the Tap Dance, the whirling Ears, the Nose and the Hand.

The performance, inspired by the dell’arte comedy techniques, by the surrealistic cabaret Volter from Zurich, and by traditional street performances, builds up a story which questions the status quo in the space, shows it in a comical, absurd and new ways.

Street lamps, benches, buildings etc. all are crucial in defining the “genius loci” and “The Senses” want to play with it. Every found object will get “examined” with all available “senses”, we will sniff, touch, watch and all this in a strolling, singing and dancing form.

The performance is mobile – it moves around while retaining the internal structure of cabaret announcements and solo appearances.