„sen o nocy…”, fot. piotr.chlipalski

Sun in the East, Moon in the West.
Dream of Midsummer Night.

open-air performance

Ephemeral performance which illuminates the night with magic lanterns and wanders around in the wilderness. It grabs you for a dance, awakes your senses with exciting music, whirling and dizziness. Your sorrows will be soothed and you will be carried away into the dreamland. No words required, the performance resounds with live music and captivating singing. The audience joins a dance parade together with the actors. Roles are reversed – the spectator turns into an actor while the actor watches in admiration.

A dynamic, musically unruly performance which reveals unexpected twists of the plot and visually intrigues the audience with its luminous lanterns and costumes. It revives the power residing in the marriage of Western heritage and Eastern mysticism. It draws inspiration from the ritual of the solar and lunar cycles as well as magical practices performed in reverence for the ancestors and the elements of nature, amply sprinkling fun and laughter throughout.


„sen o nocy…”, fot. piotr.chlipalski