Rhythms and pauses;
immobility, cracks and rifts.
Tango of fallen hearts and ephemerid souls.

Movements – minimal but magnified,
far away from pantomimic
or philosophical mumble.

An encounter, a dialog, a contact,
a woman, a man, a woman and a man,
a man and a man. Just this…

„tańcz”, fot. tomasz talarski



The characters are embedded in space and time; limited and deformed in the mirror of an iron construction. Their shadows become deformed too. They are thrown into the “here and now” or rather forsaken in an everywhere and anytime. They exist in relation to each other investigating their lingering in time, in their loneliness, in their fall and ridiculousness. They do not search for any spectacular gestures. What they are looking for is the essence of their situations, the core of an almost symbolic nature; true and unimpressive.

With regard to the music the performance connects the rather unknown nocturnes and preludes by Chopin with Tango Milonga, it builds a fascinating and appealing bridge between Chopin’s work and the world dance tradition. This marriage of Chopin’s music and tango rhythms is the foundation for the performance revolving around the triangle: tango-encounter-dance.

Chopin’s music in “DANCE!” is not the Chopin we know and are used to.

Prepare yourself for an original, contemporary and entirely new arrangement of Chopin’s works. The contemporary musical techniques performed with the classical instruments will be surprising in the same way like the harmony between Chopin’s music and Tango.

fot. Joanna Rafalska / rafalska.art